Male Waxing

At Trampas, our staff specialise in a number of male grooming services. This includes: body trimming, waxing, tanning, pedicure & manicure. 


Waxing is a semi- permanent method of hair removal which removes the hair from the root. The results can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks, and unlike the re-growth of shaving, the hairs that grow back are new and therefore softer and finer.

The hair needs to be at least 1cm long for the wax to adhere to it properly so please check the length before your appointment.

Abdomen £16.50
Arms £22.00
Back Wax (30 mins) £22.00
Chest Wax (20 mins) £16.50
Underarm £16.50
Chest & Shoulder Wax (30 mins) £24.00
Half Leg Wax £16.50
Full Leg Wax £22.00
Eyebrow Wax (15 mins) £10.00

10% off any 2 waxig treatments booked together.

Intimate Waxing

At Trampas we also offer Intimate Waxing which is a treatment growing in popularity for a range of men.

The treatment lasts on average for an hour and you will be left completely silky smooth for up to 3 weeks. Here at Trampas we only accept the best. A practitioner SRN certified trained under Habias new National Occupational Standards for Intimate Waxing will be carrying out your treatment. 

Intimate Waxing (Male Brazilian Waxing) on request
by Practitioner SRN (Certified Training under Habias new National Occupational Standards for intimate waxing) 

Back, Sack & Crack Waxing £40.00

What Our Customers Say

This afternoon i had the best ever  massage from Sophie as she introduced me to the magic that is hot stone therapy along with a head massage and neck shoulder and back massage .. a truly memorable experience i will be repeating !! as always all the staff were very friendly and professional ..i cant praise the Trampas team highly enough !!thanks again ..colin chadwick

Hello, this email is for the boss not the little boss lol the big boss. I would like to say that your staff are fantastic, your shop is trendy and cool and all in all just a great asset to Durham. I would like to thank Paul for a great shave and good crack and the same for Natasha who gave me a lush back rub. I get very little time of work and I am glad that I spent it at Trampas I felt totally chilled when I left and will be back for sure and telling the lads where to go when there in Durham.


~ Joe

Paul...... for giving me the best shave I have ever had !!!! His professional yet friendly approach and his customer care and attention to detail was in my opinion second to none and whilst I came to Trampas a little apprehensive I left totally relaxed ,rereshed and with the smoothest shave i have ever experienced...which bearing in mind i have been shaving for over 40 years is quite an accolade !

I will most certainly be back and would totally recommend anyone to visit Trampas!

Thanks again for a memorable experience

~ Colin

“Trampas has achieved the impossible - taken a traditional Northern City and injected a healthy dose of metrosexuality which has gone down a storm. The staff are phenomenal, the service incredible and the results outstanding. What makes Trampas stand out is that they have made such a success of male grooming in an area where ‘real’ men don’t get fake tans, don’t have their backs waxed and, heaven forbid, won’t set foot inside a massage room.

"They’re one in a million and thoroughly deserve every accolade under the sun.”

~ Mike, Durham

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